GUNSTEN Shoring Props

-Manufacturing building props.

Made in China, used worldwide. We have been manufacturing and selling props for more than 10 years. Props are the starting point in every multi-storey building construction.They are generally classified into: light props, DIN EN 1065 props, push-pull props and loading towers.

Besides helping you save materals and time, these props are a safe bet to achieve your results at the worksite.

We provides a complete set of products with safety, efficiency and economy, which are widely used in wall formwork, plate formwork, column formwork, beam formwork, support tower and various scaffolds, striving to meet all the needs of customers in the globe construction industry.

Our props meet all the quality standards required by the demanding standards regulations worldwide, throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Gunsten as an expert in the field of formwork and scaffold engineering construction equipment manufacturing.
We will provide high-quality products and professional services to customers in the global construction industry.
Since its development in 2005, the company has a complete and standardized formwork steel props production line and scientific quality management system. At present, the annual output of formwork steel props can reach more than 200000 pieces.
The factory covers an area of 9000m². The spacious activity space is suitable for all kinds of props, and the reasonable layout of production area will bring benefits to the improvement of production efficiency.
In addition to press and drilling equipment, the company is equipped with automatic laser
cutting equipment, capable of processing various materials and shapes of plates and pipes, meeting customer customization needs, and improving production efficiency and dimensional accuracy.
We have a number of automatic welding equipment to meet the welding production of all kinds of thickness and length of props pipes. Each equipment is regularly checked and maintained, and is managed according to the requirements of the ISO 3834-2 specification, so as to ensure the quality of the product welding process.

In the whole welding production process, mechanical arm welding machine is also essential. We are equipped with professionals to deal with the welding production of various steel structure products, which greatly improves the degree of factory automation.


Welding is a key part of the manufacturing of props. We carry out the inspection according to the requirements of the ISO 3834-2 specification, carry out inspection (VT,PT etc.) for each batch of products, so as to ensure the welding quality of products. For new products, we will implement and record WPS. and control mass production after passing relevant test verification.
Hot dip galvanizing is the main coati technology. We have mature production procedt and processes, which can meet the production nee of all kinds of props and steel structure products, provide all-weather quality assurance for our custom all day long.
All departments of the company fully implement ISO9001:2015, and the entire production process can be traced, thus ensuring product quality and customer delivery dates are met.
props welding
Props machining steps: we manufacture our products with utmost care, in compliance with the toughest standards in Europe.
GUNSTEN products are sold all over the world. Thus, each and every product must comply with safety and reliability standards always exceeding the standards required in the country of use.
manufacturing setps.
Setting up a safe construction site requires compliance with strict standards. Right from the choice of materials used for setting up the worksite. Our products guarantee safety and reliability for our customers. And for the customers of our customers. Here are the steps for manufacturing a certified GUNSTEN prop.
PROJECT-It all starts with our customer's needs. Whether you are a dealer in building materials on the other comer of the globe, or a major constructor striving to complete a large project or a small-scale construction company the first step always lies in identifying which products you actually need.
RAW MATERIAL-Our technical department will then select the raw material depending on the required type of prop, by verifying the quality of the steel.
CUTTING- Steel pipes (both external
Punching then follow the punching
and internal) are then cut to size with a +/-1 mm tolerance. Cutting is done using automatic cutting machines. It is then loaded on a positioning device and cut precisely at the desired height. Lastly. the pipe is unloaded into a container for the subsequent step.
step, which is depending on the pipe type. Due to the use of mature technology, the punching speed is fast, the accuracy is high, and the hole has no depression and burr.
WELDING - External pipes proceed
to the welding step, where - suitably positioned-they are assembled with the base plate (previously forged by 250-ton press machines) and the end is threaded (obtained through a rolling-forming process, which reinforces its structure).Once drilled. the intemal pipes undergo the same welding process but conceming the plate only.
COATING AND GALVANISING- Once welded, the props can be: dip coated, cold-dip galvanised (electrolytically), for a more durable protection with respect to dip coating and for better aesthetic quality or hot dip galvanised for a basically permanent protection, suitable for all environments and withstanding extema atmospheric agents.
CUSTOMISATION- Customised products
FINISH- Depending on the product, next come the completion steps including: mounting an outer sleeve on the covered threading or a forged steel ring nut on which the product identification code is stamped, marking the plates with the customer's identification code.
are available upon request: for example with a ring nut bearing the customer's colours, o the customisation of the prop using stickers bearing the customer's logo:
Packaging and shipping -After processin
CAPACITY TEST- We perform in-house tests (capacity tests) on randomly collected samples
is complete, we proceed to the packaging stec Packaging will make plans according t product model and container size to her customers save logistics costs to the greates extent. After strapping. The material is the loaded into containers and shipped.
props manufacturing steps
GUNSTEN DIN EN 1065 props come in four models, depending on the guaranteed maximum capacity at the maximum extensions:
GGUNSTEN DIN EN 1065 of Class C & ClassD props are heavy duty props. Designed to bear heavy loads - more than 30kN - they are at the core of GUNSTEN production.
DIN EN 1065 heavy duty props come in the following versions:
Electrolytically galvanized;
Hot dip galvanized.
This type of prop can be customised using branded stickers upon request.
These products are compatible with most accessories of other formworks and floors.

DIN EN 1065 class A/B
With variablecapacity and available in variants with 169 to 400 cm extension.

DIN EN 1065 class C

With 20kN guaranteed capacity and available in variants with 207 to 550 cm extension.

DIN EN 1065 class D

With 30kN guaranteed capacity and available in variants with 169 to 400 cm extension.

props model

DIN EN 1065 props

Below are the features of GUNSTEN “DIN EN 1065" prop:
variously shaped plates depending on the class of the prop, so as to make it immediately recognisable visually;
forged steel adjustment ring nut with two supplementary holes, suitable for millimetric adjustment;
hook bevelled at the ends: easier to insert into the holes thanks to the ergonomic shape;
anti-shearing system: the greater length of the inner pipe with respect to the outer
one enables guaranteeing an at least 10 cm difference between the two so as to prevent injury;
outer threading obtained by means of rolling-forming, hence guaranteeing the wholeness of the material without removing any material;
inner holes obtained by the punching process ensures that there is no bur near the hole;
inner pipe anti-slip-off system, so as to prevent the pipe from inadvertently slipping off thus guaranteeing wholeness and safety when laying down and displacing at the worksite;
three types of surface protections, obtained through the process of: dip coating;
passivated electrolytic galvanising (tropicalisation), with guaranteed minimum thickness of 10 microns;
hot-dip galvanization, with guaranteed minimum thickness of 50 microns;
Upon request:
sticker customised with customer's logo, bearing information on capacity and maximum extension;
quick release system, an accessory that guarantees release of the prop under the load by just hitting with the hammer to quicken and simplify the release procedure as well as reduce the operator's effort;
tripod stand capable of supporting the prop when laying on site and when laying the floor,
three different types of fork for supporting the floor, depending on the manufacturer's needs:

head stop fork (simple),
4-way head,
fork referred to as "drop head".

prop features


props C

prop D